Fit to be Thai’d

Fit to be Thai’d 21 Jan

Fit to be Thai’d

So once again, I have been slacking off when it comes to my blog. When I think about all of the dishes I’ve cooked in the past 10 months, I almost feel guilty for not sharing.

I say “almost” since I’m still not convinced anyone reads this stuff.

Anyhow….right around the time I posted the last entry, a girl that I know mentioned that she was planning a trip to Thailand, but she was a little apprehensive about the food. Being the caring and considerate human being that I am (ha!), I offered to provide her with some Thai dishes in order to acclimatize her palate before her trip.

Sadly, my picture taking skills are non-existent, so please bear with me:

 photo IMG_0505.jpg

Coconut Dumplings.

 photo IMG_0497.jpg

Thai wontons:

 photo IMG_0506_zps45c4bd7c.jpg

Pad Thai. One of the best know dishes of Thailand.

 photo IMG_0503.jpg

Chicken Satays. These were served with a peanut sauce, but I forgot to take a picture of that. You’re not missing much, though – it kind of looks like soupy peanut butter.

 photo IMG_0504.jpg

And finally, sticky rice with mangoes. Rice for dessert is common in Thailand. It’s also damned tasty.

I also recently had the opportunity to attend a cooking class hosted by two fantastic local chefs. The subject of that class? Thai, of course. Check out the talented and friendly Kathryn and Michelle at Get Cooking Edmonton.